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Sarah Beaulieu is the founder of The Enliven Project.

Things I May Never Understand

There are a few human behaviors that just don’t make any sense to me. As much as I try to understand them, I can’t seem to figure them out. I strive to empathize with different perspectives, cultural contexts, and world views, so I really feel I must be missing something. Plus, having a reasonable […]

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Martyr for the cause

Why do we believe that we must sacrifice to do good in the world? It’s a false choice, but one that is reinforced at many levels throughout the non-profit sector.

My mentee graduated Brown with honors and had to take out a loan so she could accept a nonprofit position working with low income communities […]

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On a summer visit to Northampton, my husband, brother, and I visited Eastheaven, a hot tub place in middle of town to soak in the Japanese hot tubs among bamboo plants and peaceful music. We’ve been there many times before. and each visit follows the same pattern. We arrive and are led to a tub […]

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Five Days in Arizona

As my freshman year at Brown drew to a close, I was not in a good place. Despite the fact that I had started therapy with M that winter, I was still swirling in self-destructive behaviors. Alcohol was relatively easy to access. I smoked like a chimney. No one was paying attention to how […]

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Cuteness for Life

Everyone is cut out to be cute.  Men, women, gay, straight, young, old – doesn’t matter.  For some, it might take a little practice, but it’s totally possible for all of us.  And it’s much longer lasting, more versatile, and more universal than being hot.  When I’m 80 years old, I’m definitely not going […]

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The Zen Road Warrior

Business travel has been a part of my professional life since my very first job. There are periods where I travel once every couple of months and periods where I travel every week. And let’s face it, it is really hard to stay Zen on the road. When I was younger, […]

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The truth about false accusation

The fear of getting falsely accused of rape just doesn’t compare to the fear of an actual rapist getting away with his or her crime.  Statistics from Justice Department, National Crime Victimization Survey: 2006-2010 and FBI reports.  NOTE (2/6/13):  As so many people continue to visit this site and share this convo-graphic, we’ve updated this […]

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Hallmark Cards and Cupcakes

The fall is birthday season in my life, so I have been thinking about the kind of friend I am, and the kind of friend I am not. I am not a friend who often remembers to send cards - and will often forget birthdays.  I don’t make crafty gifts and pin photos of […]

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I love when life gives me moments that affirm I am on the right path. When the universe gives me a wink and a nod.

When I was a senior in high school, I was fortunate enough to be in the position of deciding between two great schools: Brown and Columbia. I had […]

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Workplace Rules: Biting and Other No-Nos

As is often the case, the basic principles that allow us to have happy and healthy lives don’t change much from the time we are tots to the time we are so-called adults.  One of the things I learned taking care of pre-schoolers is how important consistent and enforced boundaries are to creating an […]

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