No right way to be a mom

I am a mother. There is no denying it. There are two little humans who belong to me. I am fierce and protective. I teach my children to be competitive. I like to laugh about the insanity of it all. I’m snarky. I say things like, “Man, those last 9 months of pregnancy are […]

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It’s not a 4-letter word

“I just can’t say NO.”

How many times have you heard this lament from someone who was stressed, overwhelmed, and overcommitted?   As a fundraiser, relationship manager, and a parent of a three year old, the word NO is a part of my life. I hear it and say it on a daily basis – […]

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Marriage with young kids is easy, said no one ever

I’d bet you a million dollars that if you ask happily married couples in their seventies or eighties to describe the easiest phase of their marriage, that none of them would wax poetic about the time when their kids were in diapers. At least this is what I tell myself on a regular basis […]

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The Working Parent’s Potluck Dilemma

There’s nothing like a school or daycare potluck to bring on a burst of competitive parenting.  Personally, I dread the cheerful closing, “Bring a dish to share!” because I instantly start to think about how everyone in the room is going to judge my lack of Martha Stewart skills. I’m useless at baking, and […]

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How I stopped leaning into my career and started leaning into my life

I thought I knew a lot about Having it All and Leaning In.  I’m pretty much the poster child for Leaning In.  Really, Sheryl Sandberg would be proud.  I’ve never been afraid to be ambitious.  I’ve managed my career well, shamelessly pursued leadership roles, and systematically rejected every gender stereotype imaginable. I didn’t “lean back” […]

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The New Vacation

There are so many things are NOT covered in What to Expect When You Are Expecting, and new parents are left to their own devices to figure out. Like how to go on vacation.  Before kids, my husband and I would decide whether we wanted an “adventure” vacation (camping in Alaska, driving the Pacific […]

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Your Birth Story

Note:  After giving birth, I learned about the power and ritual in sharing a birth story.  Each birth story is the unique and perfect experience of how a child and a parent come together for the first time.  Families are created and expanded in so many ways, and this is just my story.

You were […]

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Motherhood changes everything

Well, first off, let’s be real here. I’m only 9-months into this whole motherhood thing, so these may be lessons I’ll unlearn and relearn a few times. That being said, a few noteworthy insights from my first foray into mommy land.

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