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Add women and stir?

In college, Professor Lynn Davidman, taught me that you can’t simply “add women and stir.”  The concept was simple.  If you add a new ingredient to a dish, the flavor of the dish - and often the dish itself - completely changes.  If you add women to organizations, roles, and communities that have been […]

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Twitter, I get it now.

I think I finally understand what Twitter is all about. I know, I’m a little late to the game, but cut me some slack- technically I’m a GenXer not a Millennial.  Both Facebook and Twitter are like parties, with a different set of guests and styles.

Facebook has always made sense to me.  It’s like […]

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More than just snot and vomit

So I wondered how I would follow up a deeply personal post like my last one - and then my son got sick.  And it got me thinking about my pediatrician and how AWESOME she is.  I’ve become convinced that pediatrics is 90% customer service and 10% medicine.    I really thought I would be a […]

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The First Time I Told Anyone

I’ve referenced telling my story for BARCC in previous posts but haven’t actually told it here. This is the 5-minute version I tell at speaking engagements. Obviously, condensing a 25-year journey into 5 minutes is no easy challenge, but here it is:

When I was eleven, my parents, brother, and I went to visit my grandparents in Oregon. I […]

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Letter to my mentee on her graduation

Dear R,

I feel so honored to have watched you go through the process of becoming an adult. Over the last months, you have ridden the emotional roller coaster that accompanies any major life change. You held on tight and even enjoyed the ride - at times - and came out the other side with […]

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Networking Tips for Introverts

I took my first Myers Briggs Type Indicator test when I was 7 (INTJ, in case you are wondering).  As someone with an extroverted job, many are surprised to learn I am in fact an introvert.  As an advancement and fundraising professional, I’ve had to learn how to make my introversion an asset, and wanted to share a few tips with introverts and extroverts alike.  Being an introvert doesn’t mean that I can’t network or hang out at social events, it just means I approach it differently.

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Motherhood changes everything

Well, first off, let’s be real here. I’m only 9-months into this whole motherhood thing, so these may be lessons I’ll unlearn and relearn a few times. That being said, a few noteworthy insights from my first foray into mommy land.

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Rape makes you feel incredibly alone.  When your body is attacked, the only place to retreat is deep inside yourself.  The irony is that by protecting yourself in this way - protecting your body from any more pain or violence - you cut yourself off from love, which is the whole of the journey back.

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Working Mom Must-Have List

So in addition to being an advocate against sexual violence, I’m also a working mom - and a new one at that - my son is only 9 months old.  I had no idea what it would be like to balance my challenging job and motherhood, and I certainly don’t have it all figured […]

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The Low Road by Marge Piercy

Thank you, Cecile Richards, for an inspirational speech at Brown University’s 120 Years of Women Celebration and for sharing Marge Piercy’s words.  I left the weekend feeling moved, empowered, and just enough angry to recommit myself to fighting the injustices that still exist in our world.

Alone, you can fight,


you can refuse, you can


take what […]

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