The Enliven Project is a place for discussion, dialogue, and debate about issues that are at once private and public, personal and political, and at their heart, deeply emotional.  We want all sorts of people to come here to challenge their assumptions about sensitive topics like sexual violence, and to do that, we need to allow for discussion and comments.

That being said, The Enliven Project has some guidelines and ground rules for behavior on this site.  If you violate them, you won’t be allowed to participate in the dialogue here.

Be polite.  If you don’t know what polite means, this probably isn’t the place for you.  We recognize that people have different tones, styles, and degrees of directness, and we are definitely not going for 100% agreement.  But a few big no-nos:  personal attacks, name-calling, defamation, libel, threats, bullying, hate speech, profanity (use of anatomtically correct language in appropriate context is fine), or harassment of any kind.

Stay on topic.  If you want your own topic, write on your own blog.  If you want to comment on what’s written here, stay on topic.  You can ramble if you want, but it’s probably not the best way to make your point, and we may need to edit your comment for length.

Ignore the trolls, and the extreme voices.  This discussion is not about them. It’s about the rest of us.  It’s about everyday people who want to talk about and understand sexual violence, it’s impact, and our path forward in new ways.  We’ll try to moderate the most extreme voices, but if they pop-up, let’s not given them power by engaging in a debate.

A few other things to note:

  • All comments and trackbacks are moderated.  Please be patient if yours doesn’t appear right away.
  • If you want to communicate with The Enliven Project, use the contact form, not the comments section.
  • Spam or suspected spam will be deleted.  Relevant links are fine, but we don’t sell Gucci bags, Uggs, or anything else here.
  • The Enliven Project is not responsible for the content you post.  You are.  We have the right to edit, delete, or move it at any time - but we can’t and won’t review all of it.