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Trigger Warning:  This post contains a personal story about rape.

I was 17 and he was my friend.

We were having sex - my first time - and I wanted to stop. I said, Can we stop?  He said, But I didn’t come yet. I said, But it really hurts.  Silence.

He was on top. He was bigger. He […]

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Your Birth Story

Note:  After giving birth, I learned about the power and ritual in sharing a birth story.  Each birth story is the unique and perfect experience of how a child and a parent come together for the first time.  Families are created and expanded in so many ways, and this is just my story.

You were […]

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Charismatic Wizards

The world has enough super stars. What we need is more ordinary people who find meaning and value in all types of roles.  We can’t all be cast as the lead in the play of life.  Even if we were, a lead without a cast looks strange and alone on stage. Without stagehands, tech, writers, […]

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Managing Up, Down, and Sideways

One of the most important things you can learn as a professional - and as a human - is to see the world through other people’s eyes.  One could argue that empathy is an innate skill, but I think that there are aspects of empathy - and how to act on empathy inside of […]

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Something to ask yourself

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Crying at Work

How is it that crying in the office can be considered unprofessional when yelling at someone is acceptable behavior?  In some professions, yelling is actually expected and yellers are seen as powerful and effective.  This seems absurd.

I cried at work this week.  And I’m admitting it to all of you.  I felt overwhelmed by […]

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The Things I Love About Kevin Jennings

Last Friday, I found out that my very awesome boss, Kevin Jennings, accepted a position to lead the Arcus Foundation, a foundation that focuses on making the world a more humane and just place for the vulnerable - with a focus on the Great Apes and LGBT communities.  I am beyond sad about his […]

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Heartspoken: You Already Survived

Thank you to So Lucky To Be Me Tees for providing the gear for this shoot - and a powerful message of hope and strength for women!



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Like Peanut Butter: Finding My Path

“You understand yourself so well, why are you here?”

It was the beginning of my freshman year of college when the therapist I had been seeing for a couple of months asked me this question. I was silent for a moment and finally responded,

“Because I can’t stop hurting myself.”

It was true. Since I arrived on […]

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This post is about you (yes, you!)

Being connected to people makes me happy. I remember someone telling me, upon the birth of their second child, that your heart just gets bigger. Love is infinite, but life is not. Most of us don’t spend enough time growing our hearts.

Facebook and other social networking sites can certainly bring out our competitive edge […]

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