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Sexual Violence and the Millennial Agenda

It should not require an act of bravery to tell a room full of people that I’m a survivor of sexual abuse and assault. In fact, one out of four women and one out of six men shares a story like mine. Sexual violence costs our country more than any other crime, and a […]

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Things I May Never Understand

There are a few human behaviors that just don’t make any sense to me. As much as I try to understand them, I can’t seem to figure them out. I strive to empathize with different perspectives, cultural contexts, and world views, so I really feel I must be missing something. Plus, having a reasonable […]

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Martyr for the cause

Why do we believe that we must sacrifice to do good in the world? It’s a false choice, but one that is reinforced at many levels throughout the non-profit sector.

My mentee graduated Brown with honors and had to take out a loan so she could accept a nonprofit position working with low income communities […]

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On a summer visit to Northampton, my husband, brother, and I visited Eastheaven, a hot tub place in middle of town to soak in the Japanese hot tubs among bamboo plants and peaceful music. We’ve been there many times before. and each visit follows the same pattern. We arrive and are led to a tub […]

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Living in a Binary World

As a woman who dated both women and men before marrying my husband, I encountered many inconsistent beliefs and attitudes about my non-binary sexuality. I wasn’t straight enough to hang out with straight girls – they were afraid I might come on to them or steal their boyfriends. I couldn’t be in the cool […]

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What the Media is Missing from the AAU Climate Survey on Campus Sexual Assault


This week, the Association of American Universities released the results of a nationwide campus climate survey exploring campus violence. This survey was the largest of its kind and reached 150,000 students from 27 colleges and universities. We applaud the AAU and the individual campuses for investing the time and resources into this thoughtful survey […]

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The best lessons from the worst bosses

I’ve worked for a lot of bosses in my career, and have also heard war stories from friends, colleagues, and clients. A good boss is golden, but a bad boss will teach you so much about life, leadership, and organizations. When you are in the thick of it with a bad boss, it can […]

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Five Days in Arizona

As my freshman year at Brown drew to a close, I was not in a good place. Despite the fact that I had started therapy with M that winter, I was still swirling in self-destructive behaviors. Alcohol was relatively easy to access. I smoked like a chimney. No one was paying attention to how […]

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Does Your Nonprofit Care About Families? Why Parental Leave Matters

Parental leave can be a tough topic for nonprofit organizations facing real budget limitations and working to execute important missions with a small team. It’s hard to imagine doing without a full-time staff member for three months, let alone continuing to pay that person’s salary while they are gone.


At the same time, it astounds […]

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The Summer I Remembered

It wasn’t like I ever forgot. There was a man. His shirt had pearl buttons. His face was scratchy. I was in the bath. Something was wrong, really wrong.

But I didn’t really remember until I was 14.

It was the first summer I spent away from my family, and I couldn’t wait to immerse myself […]

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