Sexual Violence

Movements and Minga

I recently met Katie Simon, a senior at Concord Academy, and the founder of this amazing group called Minga.  Minga is an organization focused on organizing youth to raise awareness about the child sex trade.  Katie's opinion is that we have have an opportunity to educate youth so that they won't become the next […]

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Girl, I would build cities for you

What would you say to your closest friend if she were raped or sexual assaulted?  How would you respond?  What words of comfort would you offer him?Sometimes, we are afraid to say anything.  We are afraid to say the wrong thing, or not the best thing.  Or, we might be afraid that there is […]

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Same story, 12 years later.

When I was in college at Brown University, there was a date rape case that received national media attention thanks to John Stossel at 20/20.   The campus was in an uproar over whether or not a male student had sexually assaulted a female student while they were both allegedly intoxicated.  The story quickly devolved […]

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