Sexual Violence

Sexual Violence and the Millennial Agenda

It should not require an act of bravery to tell a room full of people that I’m a survivor of sexual abuse and assault. In fact, one out of four women and one out of six men shares a story like mine. Sexual violence costs our country more than any other crime, and a […]

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What the Media is Missing from the AAU Climate Survey on Campus Sexual Assault


This week, the Association of American Universities released the results of a nationwide campus climate survey exploring campus violence. This survey was the largest of its kind and reached 150,000 students from 27 colleges and universities. We applaud the AAU and the individual campuses for investing the time and resources into this thoughtful survey […]

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Five Days in Arizona

As my freshman year at Brown drew to a close, I was not in a good place. Despite the fact that I had started therapy with M that winter, I was still swirling in self-destructive behaviors. Alcohol was relatively easy to access. I smoked like a chimney. No one was paying attention to how […]

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The Summer I Remembered

It wasn’t like I ever forgot. There was a man. His shirt had pearl buttons. His face was scratchy. I was in the bath. Something was wrong, really wrong.

But I didn’t really remember until I was 14.

It was the first summer I spent away from my family, and I couldn’t wait to immerse myself […]

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5 Ways Bill Cosby Looks Like a Typical Rapist

It’s unclear to me why so many people are still shocked and saddened by Bill Cosby’s admissions of sexual abuse and assault. And while he certainly deserves a chance for healing and redemption (after paying for his crimes), it’s hard to believe that anyone would be “on his side” anymore.

However, the predominant narrative about […]

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A Game of Thrones Rape Scene Discussion Guide

An acquaintance recently reached out to me about the much-talked about rape scene on Game of Thrones. As a fan of the show, she had been following the media and blogger reaction to the scene, and was bothered by the fact that she didn’t find it all that disturbing. As a woman informed about […]

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A Different Kind of Death

While dangerous to compare different types of tragedy, sometimes our response to one kind of trauma can inform our response to another. Last week, a graduate student at my alma mater – Brown University – committed suicide by jumping to his death from the 12th floor of the Sciences Library, a building near a […]

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The Truth About False Accusation Revisited

With recent attention on UVA and the Rolling Stone story, there has been a new wave of discussion about The Truth About False Accusation graphic on social media and even on the Washington Post that has compelled me write about this topic again, two years later. While I appreciate the prerogative of any journalist, […]

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Power (less/ful) Birth: A Sexual Assault Survivor’s Experience

In the wake of the birth of my second child, I feel compelled to write about my experience in real-time, which is something I don’t typically do.  Birth is raw and messy, and my feelings about it are still raw and messy, made more so by the hormones and sleep deprivation that accompany new […]

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The Double Silence Series

When I gave birth to my son, I had no idea that birth could be traumatic. And as a survivor of sexual violence – even one who had spent 15 years healing – I went into pregnancy and birth without the knowledge and awareness I needed to make empowered decisions to guard against that […]

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