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Sarah Beaulieu is the founder of The Enliven Project.

It’s not a 4-letter word

“I just can’t say NO.”

How many times have you heard this lament from someone who was stressed, overwhelmed, and overcommitted?   As a fundraiser, relationship manager, and a parent of a three year old, the word NO is a part of my life. I hear it and say it on a daily basis – […]

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Power (less/ful) Birth: A Sexual Assault Survivor’s Experience

In the wake of the birth of my second child, I feel compelled to write about my experience in real-time, which is something I don’t typically do.  Birth is raw and messy, and my feelings about it are still raw and messy, made more so by the hormones and sleep deprivation that accompany new […]

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The Double Silence Series

When I gave birth to my son, I had no idea that birth could be traumatic. And as a survivor of sexual violence – even one who had spent 15 years healing – I went into pregnancy and birth without the knowledge and awareness I needed to make empowered decisions to guard against that […]

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Marriage with young kids is easy, said no one ever

I’d bet you a million dollars that if you ask happily married couples in their seventies or eighties to describe the easiest phase of their marriage, that none of them would wax poetic about the time when their kids were in diapers. At least this is what I tell myself on a regular basis […]

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Walking the walk? A critical guide to analyzing your campus’ commitment to sexual assault prevention

In the wake of negative media coverage for colleges and universities being sued under Title IX, a number of institutions of higher education are announcing new hires in sexual assault prevention. These hires are receiving media attention, and there is no doubt that it’s a positive step forward for campuses.


However, one hire, one press […]

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Thoughts on Trauma: Boston Marathon, Aurora, veterans, and sexual violence

Trauma has been in the news lately. We just passed the 6-month anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, the one-year anniversary of the mass shooting in Aurora, and ongoing coverage of returning veterans facing PTSD, so there has been extensive coverage about victims, survivors, and bystanders throughout the news. One story, on WBUR, featured […]

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On Cancer and Sexual Violence: It’s Time for a Movement


It’s hard to imagine, but less than 50 years ago, having breast cancer was a shameful thing. In my grandmother’s generation, women suffered – and died – alone, keeping their cancer a secret from family members and friends. The treatment available was crude and painful, and diagnosis almost always came too late. Prevention was […]

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5 Things to Consider Before Calling Someone a Rape Apologist

If you have entered into conversation and dialogue about the issue of sexual violence, you may have heard the term “rape apologist.” While this term hasn’t yet made it into Webster’s Dictionary, an apologist is someone who “makes a defense in speech or writing of a belief or idea.” A rape apologist is term […]

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The Working Parent’s Potluck Dilemma

There’s nothing like a school or daycare potluck to bring on a burst of competitive parenting.  Personally, I dread the cheerful closing, “Bring a dish to share!” because I instantly start to think about how everyone in the room is going to judge my lack of Martha Stewart skills. I’m useless at baking, and […]

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What helping a blind man taught me to see

This week, I tried to help a blind man on the subway.  I say tried because whatever I did was totally not helpful at all, despite my best intentions.

I was waiting to get on a busy rush hour train as I saw a man with a white cane exiting from the subway car. He […]

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