On a summer visit to Northampton, my husband, brother, and I visited Eastheaven, a hot tub place in middle of town to soak in the Japanese hot tubs among bamboo plants and peaceful music. We’ve been there many times before. and each visit follows the same pattern. We arrive and are led to a tub […]

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Living in a Binary World

As a woman who dated both women and men before marrying my husband, I encountered many inconsistent beliefs and attitudes about my non-binary sexuality. I wasn’t straight enough to hang out with straight girls – they were afraid I might come on to them or steal their boyfriends. I couldn’t be in the cool […]

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The Things I Learned from Mark Edwards

It’s become a bit of a ritual to write about boss’ and colleagues when we part ways. It’s a helpful way to reflect on what you learn from others, and to honor the relationship you had during that professional chapter of your life.

Almost a year ago, Mark Edwards transitioned out of his role at Opportunity […]

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Missing the point in the abortion-rights/pro-life debate

With all the debate and vitriol (on both sides) about the Center for Medical Progress and Planned Parenthood, it occurs to me that we’re missing a chance for action amidst all the fighting.


Abortion is a hot button issue. There’s no doubt about it. There are people who believe that life begins at conception and […]

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Not my glory days.

I don’t know about you, but Glory Days doesn’t really apply to my experience of high school. I spent much of high school wanting to die or run away. I didn’t like myself at all. Most days, I despised myself. I cared so much about what other people thought about me. I had multiple […]

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Missions and Movements: Launching the Enliven Project Design Council

A few months ago, Noah Flower, a brilliant network weaver, put me in touch with Julie Sherman, founder of J Sherman Studio, a small design firm in Newton, MA.  Noah thought Julie and her team might be interested in the work of The Enliven Project, and that The Enliven Project might be interested in […]

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The Shame Spiral: A primer in shame monsters

Have you ever gotten caught a shame spiral? You know, that feeling of descending into the rabbit hole of shame? The moment when you just want to crawl into a hole and never be seen by the world again? Shame is among ickiest of human emotions – it’s like a mold that grows inside of […]

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What if?

In the wake of terror and tragedy in my home city, my heart aches with the great “what if” for family, friends, and strangers. Violence is, of course, senseless. Yet it is our human nature that wants to make sense of it – to feel safer and more in control.

The what if can […]

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Get Uncomfortable

Sexual violence touches on pretty much every taboo topic in America: sex, gender, family, privacy, intimacy. As such, it evokes such powerful and raw emotions. Talking about might make us uncomfortable, but not talking about it will make us feel so much worse.

The Enliven Project’s mission is to bring the conversation about sexual violence […]

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The Whole Story

Here’s the challenge with blog posts – they are a great medium for capturing a moment, a feeling, an idea. Not all of my moments, feelings, and ideas.

I recently wrote a post for Good Men Project about honoring men’s commitment to survivors of sexual violence as a way to engage them in dialogue on […]

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