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5 Signs You Were Born to Raise Funds

“You’re a FUNDRAISER?”


“Gosh, what a hard job!”


“I HATE asking for money.”


These are just a few of the common reactions I get when I tell people that my job involves fundraising. To be clear, my most recent role at Opportunity Nation was focused on developing large-scale strategic partnerships that often involve both cash and […]

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It’s not a 4-letter word

“I just can’t say NO.”

How many times have you heard this lament from someone who was stressed, overwhelmed, and overcommitted?   As a fundraiser, relationship manager, and a parent of a three year old, the word NO is a part of my life. I hear it and say it on a daily basis – […]

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The Johnny Reads by Third Grade Syndrome

Here’s the story of Johnny: Poor Johnny didn’t know how to read.  And now he does.


Here are the things that helped him:

Free breakfast at school so he wasn’t so hungry that he couldn’t learn
Training provided to his teacher about supporting literacy
Training provided to his principal that encouraged him/her to provide training to the teacher
A […]

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The darker side of social change

Lately, the non-profit sector has been depressing me, which is a challenge because it’s the sector I have committed the last 15 years of my life to serve. And I feel like a traitor articulating this depression out loud.  Non-profit folks are supposed to be eternally hopeful, selfless, and optimistic change agents or martyrs […]

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Hold ’em or fold ’em: When to look for a new job

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, younger baby boomers have held, on average, 11 jobs between ages 18 and 44. This same cohort has experienced, on average, 5.2 spells of unemployment. While the numbers for Millennials might adjust slightly up or down, this data drives home two simple facts:

Over the course of your […]

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Secrets to a Happy Fundraising Career (and a sane one too)

Development professionals are a unique breed.  We are a critical part of any nonprofit organization yet our work lives are necessarily externally facing.  We face intense pressures and high expectations, and while we are (often) compensated well for it, it takes its toll.  Within organizations, there are a lot of negative myths and misperceptions […]

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A pathway to entrepreneurship

Yesterday, The Enliven Project was named a finalist for an Echoing Green Fellowship, which is such an incredible honor for me personally and an amazing opportunity for The Enliven Project. Echoing Green’s fellowship program provides seed support to emerging social entrepreneurs who have “big bold ideas” to change the world.  It’s been around for […]

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6 Things You Want to Know About Chris Cashman

Organizations are full of hellos and good-byes as people outgrow their roles, start new adventures, or find positions that are pretty much the perfect match for them.  No matter the reason for the departure, good-byes are always bittersweet.  Today I have to say good-bye to one of my favorite colleagues, Chris Cashman, who has […]

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The Zen Road Warrior

Business travel has been a part of my professional life since my very first job. There are periods where I travel once every couple of months and periods where I travel every week. And let’s face it, it is really hard to stay Zen on the road. When I was younger, […]

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Workplace Rules: Biting and Other No-Nos

As is often the case, the basic principles that allow us to have happy and healthy lives don’t change much from the time we are tots to the time we are so-called adults.  One of the things I learned taking care of pre-schoolers is how important consistent and enforced boundaries are to creating an […]

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