I started speaking as a survivor speaker for the Boston Rape Crisis Center about a year ago.  I speak in a variety of venues to different groups of speakers about my personal experiences with sexual abuse and assault in hopes of inspiring people and opening their minds.  I began speaking for several reasons:

I am in a position in my life - personally and professionally - where I am privileged to be able to speak freely about these experiences without repercussion.  Because of that, I feel an obligation to do so in honor of the many women and men who feel that they cannot break their own silence.

I am a success story.  After facing years of darkness, I emerged from my healing process a whole and authentic human being.  This is a tremendous blessing and something that I do not take for granted.  If there is hope that I can provide through my existence to others in the world, I embrace that responsibility.

There is not enough talk about sexual violence, rape, incest, and the other related sexual traumas that occur each and every day.  And there certainly isn't a lot of talk that changes things or offers hope.  

My vision is that one day, we will all have something to say about sexual violence, abuse, and assault:  It's Not OK by Me.